Doctoral Success Orientation

This was a 7-day course from August 27 to September 2, 2013.

It really was just as it indicates–an orientation. I found it not so much of an orientation to any particular doctorate program but an orientation to the Online Learning System (OLS) utilized by University of Phoenix (UOPX) . It covered some good resources, tools and technologies for anyone new to the UOPX system. Because I have been employed by UOPX for two years as a Classroom Facilitator (faculty) I was familiar with some.

Course Competencies

  • Creating a personalized signature in OLS.
  • Writing a biography in OLS.
  • Explaining features and advantages of OLS.
  • Using Appropriate tone usage.
  • Assess elements of a substantive post.
  • Identify resources and tools of the student website.
  • Locate sources using the University of Phoenix Library.
  • Identify important information in a course syllabus.
  • Explain the benefits of using MS WORD formatting features for papers.
  • Discuss the importance of using the APA manual.
  • Explain the advantages of using the various services in the Center for Writing Excellence.
  • Discuss the learner benefits of the WritePoint tool.
  • Interpret feedback from the Plagiarism Checker.
  • Identify elements of faculty feedback.
  • Explain how DSO tools and skills will maximize doctoral success.


Since I have little experience with online courses the greatest challenge was for me to maintain a regular presence online. I did have some opportunities to experiment and venture farther into technologies like the Plagiarism Checker and the Center for Writing Excellence. UOPX does have some very nice resources for students.


All learners who post at least one message on two days during the course  received a grade of QC, which means that the learner met the attendance requirement in DSO. The QC grade does not indicate the quality or quantity of the work submitted. I passed.