In the Fall of 2013 I began a new journey…this is my story.

I earned my BA at the age of 28 as a single-parent. I went on to earn my MA at the age of 34 as a cancer survivor. I am not one to be deterred by obstacles. Armed with a graduate degree in hand I imagined the world would present multiple opportunities for me to engage in the field of education. At first, those opportunities presented themselves in the way of educational research but my eye was on faculty. I was offered an opportunity to work as a lecturer at the local CSU and enjoyed it very much…until they hired a Ph.D. When the recession hit in 2007 jobs in education became scarce. For a nation that proclaims to value education, it seemed education was the first to get hit with severe budget cuts (programs for the elderly and poor quickly followed suit).

I continued to search for that ideal any community college faculty job throughout the state of California. Much to my disappointment, the competition had changed. It seems those who had doctorates were being let go from universities and found themselves applying for jobs at the community college level. Previously (pre-recession) one needed a Master’s degree to compete for faculty positions at community colleges; this was no longer the case. My credentials suddenly paled in light of this new evidence. After five years of this nonsense of being underemployed, it became clear that I must  do something  to make myself more marketable–hence the doctorate.

I have enrolled with the University of Phoenix where my goal is to obtain a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration. Now, at 51 years old, I want to make the most of the funds I put into retirement. That means I will arm myself with the proper credentials and pursue job opportunities where the “real” money is made–administration. Everyone knows you don’t get into teaching to get rich. Generally those of us who feel a calling, teach for that very reason–we feel called to do so and enjoy the opportunity to work with and impress upon learners such as ourselves.

I have 65 units to complete and the equivalent of a book to write. My goal is to do so in a minimum of four years; maximum of five. This is a record of my journey. Should anyone find themselves in a similar situation–questioning abilities, age, the economy, and life in general may my musings offer some comfort.


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