Welcome to my little corner of the world. I am Veronica Lynne, Professor Van Ry, Professor V.

I’ve spent half my life in education. I’ve taught in kindergarten, junior high and university classrooms. I am a teacher and a lifelong learner. Upon receiving my graduate degree in Sociology my work moved from faculty to administration. I’ve worked in a County Office of Education, a Community College District Office, Community Colleges and California State Universities. I have learned and taught subjects ranging from research methodology to families and society. I love this field. In the classroom I’ve often told Introductory Sociology students that we all do sociology regularly. We just don’t label it as sociology.  It is nearly impossible to be a member of society and not notice the interactions of groups. We all identify with some group or groups whether we acknowledge it or not.

My areas of expertise include sociology of education, and minority group relations (social justice, diversity). As a photographer I have experimented incorporating photography into sociology as a visual sociologist. As time goes on I hope to share with you some of my projects on a photos page. But enough about me. This website is designed to share with you, the reader, not just results from ongoing research but more importantly the data sources behind those results as time and energy permit. I search news sources for information relating primarily to higher education although periodically you may see something from K-12. If it is of interest to me, I figure it may be of interest to others.

If there’s something in educational data that you’d like to know more about or a question regarding educational data you’d like to see, please share your ideas. Others may be curious about the same thing. In the Fall of 2013 I made the decision to continue my lifelong learning and moved into the next phase–a doctoral program. I will be recording my experiences and findings for those interested in moving through a similar path.

Thank you for your stopping by.


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