Higher Education Scrambles to Get Ready for the Common Core

In sterile, air-conditioned conference rooms across the state, educators will be gathering this summer to prepare for the new standards soon to be in place in most of the nation’s kindergartens through high schools called Common Core.

But the people at these meetings won’t be primary- or secondary-school teachers. They’ll be university professors, planning changes to accommodate the imminent arrival of students being taught in dramatically new ways.

Even though the Common Core has been promoted as a means of better preparing America’s children for college and careers, the people who run higher education have, for the most part, gotten involved only late in the process, they and others say.

Many academics helped design the standards for kindergarten through 12th grade. But colleges and universities have been slower when it comes to bringing their own programs into synch with this massive overhaul of U.S. primary and secondary education.

Many higher education types “sit in their ivory tower assuming that Common Core is a K-through-12 issue. It is not.” — Pamela Clute, University of California, Riverside

Higher education types “sit in their ivory tower assuming that Common Core is a K-through-12 issue. It is not,” said Pamela Clute, assistant vice chancellor of educational and community engagement at the University of California, Riverside, who is spearheading an effort among university professors and administrators to collaborate on the Common Core with public school districts in two surrounding counties. “It’s a pipeline issue.” <Read more.>

Via Jon Marcus, The Hechinger Report, on Diverse Issues in Higher Education.


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