By the Numbers: Millionaires at Private Colleges, 2011

The number of private-college presidents who earn more than $1-million has risen steadily each year, from just seven in 2004-5 to 42 in 2011. But at some of the wealthiest universities, where it’s not uncommon for a president to earn a seven-figure salary, other employees—especially doctors, coaches, and investment officers—can earn even more.

203–Number of private-college employees who earned more than $1-million in total compensation. More medical professionals (91) were on this list than any other type of employee. They were followed by presidents (42), coaches and athletic directors (33), other administrators (26), former employees (10), and provosts (1).

$9,682,032–Total compensation paid to Mike Krzyzewski, head men’s basketball coach at Duke University, who had the highest compensation of any private-college employee. Coach K, as he is known, has coached the Blue Devils since 1980 and has led the team to four NCAA championships. He made $5.6-million in bonus pay, the highest bonus paid out at a private university in 2011. <Read more.>

Via Jonah Newman, The Chronicle of Higher Education.


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