Adjuncts Appeal to Higher Power in Debate Over Unions at Religious Colleges

Ana M. Fores Tamayo has not heard back from the pope, but she remains hopeful he is on her side.

In a letter she mailed to the Vatican in October, Ms. Fores Tamayo recalled for Pope Francis how she had made just $15,000 per year as a part-time English instructor at a community college in Texas. She also described how 83-year-old Margaret Mary Vojtko had died recently, impoverished after working for 25 years as an adjunct instructor of French at Duquesne University, a Roman Catholic institution in Pittsburgh.

Her letter, written in Spanish, urged the pontiff—a vocal critic of growing economic inequality in the world—to speak out on behalf of college instructors who work on contracts offering little job security and who earn much less than their tenure-track colleagues do.

“Please help us during this difficult time,” implored Ms. Fores Tamayo, who writes the blog Adjunct Justice and is on the Board of Directors of the New Faculty Majority, which represents non-­tenure-track faculty members. <Read more.>

Via Peter Schmidt, The Chronicle of Higher Education.


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