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Choosing the Right Holding Pattern

The job search isn’t looking so great (I’m an ABD candidate in biological anthropology with big grants and first author pubs under a well-known advisor, but no takers so far). I am trying to have a number of other options explored well in advance, including collaborating on postdoc fellowship applications. However, if nothing comes through … Continue reading

A Liberal Arts Infusion Pays Off

When I left Illinois State University for a post at Bentley University three years ago, it raised a few eyebrows among the liberal-arts colleagues I was leaving behind and at the business university where I would become their dean of arts and sciences. I left because I was frustrated that students — even those who … Continue reading

Faculty Protest Reforms They say “Dumb Down” Higher Ed

Universities in South Dakota, Nebraska and other states have cut the number of credits students need to graduate. A proposal in Florida would let online courses forgo the usual higher-education accreditation process, while a California legislator introduced a measure that would have substituted online courses for some of the brick-and-mortar kind at public universities. Some … Continue reading