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The Lack of Public Intellectuals at Community Colleges

Nicholas Kristof offended many academics recently when he declared, in an essay in The New York Times, that public intellectuals among the professoriate had gone the way of the landline telephone. “There are,” he wrote, “fewer public intellectuals on college campuses than there were a generation ago.” Not only is Kristof wrong, I believe, but … Continue reading

Faculty Members Are Not Cashiers

This month Texas A&M University at Kingsville posted a new job ad for a faculty member in early-modern/Renaissance literature. The first line of the “job summary” reads, in all capital letters: “PROVIDE EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.” A bit lower, the job description mentions that the selected candidate will have to teach four courses a semester while … Continue reading

The Adjunct Is In. But Is She Getting Paid?

Earlier this semester, Betsy Smith asked students in her intermediate ESL course at Cape Cod Community College to read Bridge to Terabithia, the children’s-lit classic. The request came with an assignment: Everyone in the class was to hold a presentation exploring one cultural aspect of the book. One student, a guitar player from Brazil, wanted … Continue reading

Creating Learning Objectives, Flipped Classroom Style

…A clear set of learning objectives is at the heart of any successful learning experience, and it’s an essential ingredient for self-regulated learning since self-regulating learners have a clear set of criteria against which to judge their learning progress. And yet, many instructors – myself included in the early years of my career – never … Continue reading

Home College: an Idea Whose Time Has Come (Again)

“Maybe you should home-college,” I joked to a highly educated Ph.D. friend—doctorate in medieval history, two master’s, several years of adjunct teaching experience in three fields. She was worried about how she would pay for her own offspring’s eventual college education on her tiny salary, if she did not soon land a full-time job, preferably … Continue reading

Choosing the Right Holding Pattern

The job search isn’t looking so great (I’m an ABD candidate in biological anthropology with big grants and first author pubs under a well-known advisor, but no takers so far). I am trying to have a number of other options explored well in advance, including collaborating on postdoc fellowship applications. However, if nothing comes through … Continue reading