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It’s Time to Review Your Adjunct Employment Policies

The National Adjunct Walkout Day planned for February 25, [tomorrow] is an effort by adjunct and part-time faculty members to raise awareness of working conditions and lower pay compared with those of their full-time faculty counterparts. It follows some high-profile adjunct organizing wins by the Service Employees International Union at a host of colleges, including, most … Continue reading

Dear Contract Academic Faculty: I See You

I see you. No no, don’t worry, I’m precariously employed too, so my seeing you won’t change your employment.   I can’t do anything for you, though I would if I could. You don’t need to look like you’re working any harder than you already are just because I am looking in your direction. But know this: … Continue reading

Teaching Students How to Talk Less, and Think More

This week’s question comes from a discussion on my Facebook feed, in which Mark North, an instructor at Highline Community College in Des Moines, Wash., asked for suggestions about how to manage students who monopolize class time with their comments. I often get the flip side of this question from parents who say their child’s teacher … Continue reading

CSU Using More Part-Time Faculty Than Full-Time Professors

Like private-sector employers who turned to temporary workers during the recession, California State University relied on more part-time faculty than full-time professors last academic year as the 23-campus system looked to cut costs. Students say the shift means they have fewer chances to meet with professors outside of class or get letters of recommendation. Part-time … Continue reading

Freshman Year Key to College Career

The classes a student takes in his or her freshman year have the power to make or break the rest of their college career. Yet fundamental courses like first-year composition are increasingly relegated to the instruction of adjunct instructors or are moved online. For the MLA, the topic of teaching first-year classes, particularly composition courses, … Continue reading

Taking Your Career Abroad

Go abroad. It’s advice that higher education professionals often give to students who want to broaden their educational experience, but is seldom considered by faculty or staff who want to take their careers to a new level. Perhaps the barriers seem too great, or the opportunities closer to home just seem better. But with universities … Continue reading