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A Caring Professor May Be Key in How a Graduate Thrives

If you believe the new “Gallup-Purdue Index Report,” a study of 30,000 graduates of American colleges on issues of employment, job engagement, and well-being, it all comes down to old-fashioned values and human connectedness. One of the report’s big takeaways: College graduates, whether they went to a hoity-toity private college or a midtier public, had … Continue reading

College-Rating System Will Go Forward

The U.S. Department of Education plans to continue its push for a college-rating system, even if Congress doesn’t shell out the $10-million the agency is requesting to develop the program and put it in place. The Obama administration requested $82.3-billion for the department in the 2015 fiscal year, which begins on October 1. The amount … Continue reading

The Soul of the Research University

The two most important developments in American higher education in the 20th century were, arguably, contradictory. First, building on the foundation laid by the Morrill Act of 1862, which gave federal land to states to create colleges that taught “agriculture and the mechanic arts,” we created the world’s first mass higher-education system. When the Carnegie … Continue reading

The Professor and The Prisoner

One afternoon in September 2008, students at King’s University College here filled every available seat in a lecture hall, occupied the aisles, and fanned out against the wall. A guest speaker had them spellbound with the story of Omar A. Khadr. The speaker, a human-rights lawyer from Scotland named Dennis Edney, told the students at … Continue reading

In Defense of Getting Personal on Twitter

Keep it professional. That’s what we tell high-school and college students about their Facebook and Twitter accounts. We explain that employers can and will mine your personal social media for data, and that what you say online can follow you forever. Anecdotes of young people who lost jobs, got arrested, or were deeply embarrassed by … Continue reading