No Child Left Behind Law Faces Its Own Reckoning

Ginn Academy, the first and only public high school in Ohio just for boys, was conceived to help at-risk students make it through school — experimenting with small classes, a tough discipline code and life coaches around the clock. Its graduation rate was close to 88 percent last year, compared with 64 percent for theCleveland … Continue reading

The Student-Loan Crusader Who Won’t Stop Fighting

Alan Collinge is on a mission. It’s a mission that has left him demoralized and destitute, yet more determined than ever. For a decade now, Mr. Collinge has been fighting to make it easier for borrowers, himself included, to wipe out their student-loan debt. He has collected thousands of stories from financially distressed debtors, appeared … Continue reading

Despite Progress, Only 1 in 4 College Presidents Are Women

When Cornell University’s new president takes office, in July, half of the Ivy League’s colleges will be led by women. Brown University’s female leader is its second in a row. Over the past several years, a range of other institutions, including public flagships, liberal-arts colleges, historically black institutions, and community colleges have hired their first … Continue reading

Four Models of Non-Traditional Schools at SXSWedu

The annual South by Southwest Education conference in this capital city attracts hordes of educators, education technology companies and innovators. Each day this week, presenters pitched new gadgets, apps and technology that they said would revolutionize teaching and learning. Also, several presentations featured educators touting non-traditional school models and redesigned school structures and classrooms. Here … Continue reading

Are Public Universities Becoming Bastions of Privilege?

Is a state university still fulfilling its mission if it enrolls nearly as many out-of-state students as in-state ones? Is a public university fulfilling its mission if it’s reducing the number of seats for low-income students while increasing spots for wealthier ones? These questions are increasingly being asked in many states around the country—and for good … Continue reading