Student Diversity at 4,725 Institutions

This table shows the race, ethnicity, and gender of 20,642,572 students enrolled at 4,725 colleges and universities in the fall of 2012, the latest year for which figures are available. Of those, 56.8 percent were female, and 54.3 percent were white. Among minority groups, Hispanics made up the largest share, representing 13.6 percent of all … Continue reading

What Really Happens at Community Colleges?

How do community-college students move from their first class to their first job? Plenty of educators and analysts would like to know more about that process. A research institute called RTI International said on Monday that its newly revamped web tool could provide answers. The tool, known as The Completion Arch, is an effort to provide a … Continue reading

One Message at Meeting of Community-College Trustees: Pay Attention to Demographics

The demographic changes sweeping the nation—especially the growth in the population of native-born young Hispanics—will have a profound impact on community-college enrollments and leadership in the years to come, experts told the 1,800 attendees on Thursday here at the annual meeting of the Association of Community College Trustees. The Hispanic and Asian populations are now … Continue reading

What Do We Know About Online Harassment?

A survey released by the Pew Research Center on Wednesday offers some insight into harassment online. But will it help us fix the problem? The survey found that while men were more likely than women to be harassed on the Internet — 44 percent reported some form of harassment, compared with 37 percent of women — … Continue reading