Scott Walker’s Latest Target: College Professors

As Republican Gov. Scott Walker prepares to campaign for president as the man who tamed Wisconsin’s unions, he’s taking on a new labor fight: weakening tenure protections for professors at public colleges and universities. Walker insists that by allowing the University of Wisconsin system Board of Regents, 16 of whose 18 members are appointed by … Continue reading

Today’s Fail-Safe Students

…We often think of failure as a defining moment, because it makes us question our assumptions, and it tests our resolve. In science, it’s the null result that prompts researchers to rethink a hypothesis. In literature, it’s the darkest stage in the hero’s journey that leads to a transformation. In life, it’s the letdown, the … Continue reading

State Higher Ed Cuts to Widen Degree Gap

A new report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities released Wednesday warns that persistent cuts to state higher ed budgets will widen the gap of college degree attainment. The report, titled “Years of Cuts Threaten to Put College Out of Reach for More Students,” found that, in most states, funding for higher ed … Continue reading

College to Experiment With Apple Watch as Learning Tool

Even before the Apple Watch was released, professors and pundits began speculating on whether it and other wearable devices might play a role in college classrooms. On Monday researchers at Pennsylvania State University’s main campus announced that they would be among the first to test the device’s usefulness in the classroom. The experiment will begin … Continue reading

The Completion Agenda, Part 1

Graduate school, the job market, the tenure track, and every other stage in an academic career are so fraught with challenge that you cannot afford to dawdle too long on foolish ventures or waste time holding out for perfection when “pretty darn good” will do. The first supreme hurdle — the one that scares off … Continue reading

AERA Sessions Pinpoint the Necessity of Social Justice

The recent polarization of unarmed Black men killed by White police officers has sparked a sense of urgency to address as curriculum at the American Education Research Association (AERA) annual meeting last week. At the largest gathering in the field of education research, AERA scholars expressed the necessity of incorporating social justice into curriculum. A … Continue reading