At Sea in a Deluge of Data

This spring, more college students than ever received baccalaureate degrees, and their career prospects are brighter than they were for last year’s graduates. Employers responding to this year’s National Association of Colleges and Employers’ “Job Outlook 2014 Survey” said they planned to increase entry-level hiring by almost 8 percent. But what they may not realize … Continue reading

Free College Idea Picks up Momentum

Adele Williams hears from a lot of her friends from high school about their struggles to afford the cost of college. “I have a best friend who goes to a public university, and she’s in quite a lot of debt,” said Williams. Higher and higher tuition, she said, “is just a scary thought for people … Continue reading

College, on Your Own

Nichele L. Pollock felt like she was moving through college in slow motion. In seven years, she had gotten about halfway through her bachelor’s degree. But recently she’s been racing forward, racking up 50 credits in just eight months at Northern Arizona University, more than most full-time students earn in three semesters. She’s done it while … Continue reading

A Classroom Leaves the Syllabus to the Students

The scene in a cavernous building atop a forested hill here resembles a brainy, free-form summer camp, or a loft where twentysomethings meet to pursue esoteric dreams. It does not look like the usual notion of college. A few Lehigh University students turn out prosthetic hands on a 3-D printer. Yards away, another group studies the breeding … Continue reading

The Value of A College Education

At the most recent meeting of the She Owns It business group, the owners talked about the value of a college education and how well their own schooling prepared them for entrepreneurship. Deirdre Lord, who owns the Megawatt Hour, graduated from the University of Vermont where she was an English major with a minor in environmental studies. “My college … Continue reading