Letting Faculty Drive — Online Learning

The results are in. Inside Higher Ed recently released its third annual survey of college and university faculty members, focusing on perceptions of online learning. It showed that faculty: Remain highly skeptical about the efficacy of online education Consider the instructor-student relationship essential for learning Believe that ownership of online courses belongs with them Feel … Continue reading

5 Ways Community Colleges Are Fixing Higher Education

There’s no doubt that it’s a tough time for families pondering the value of a college degree. On the one hand, there’s pitched debate over rising tuition costs and student debt. On the other, labor forecasts predict that by 2018, nearly two-thirds of American jobs will require a postsecondary certificate or degree. Enter community colleges. … Continue reading

Division and Change in Higher Education

Most universities are struggling to maintain enrollments, endowments, and educational quality. Meanwhile, student applications, sources of revenue, and credibility among constituents are all in a steady decline. We are told that the very survival of the academy will depend on our ability to change, but divisions and conflicts get in the way. This admonition is … Continue reading

A Familiar Anger Begins to Boil Again in Mexico

The fate of 43 college students missing and presumed killed and burned to ashes in a mass abduction in September has bred ire and indignation in many corners of Mexico. Spectators held up posters with the faces of the students at a soccer match last week between Mexico and the Netherlands. Thousands of demonstrators, mostly teachers … Continue reading

Errors That Lead to Chronic Career Disorder

Look deep into the ranks of the unemployed and the underemployed in the nation and you’ll find many who have earned a college degree. Education and degree attainment were supposed to be the gateway to opportunity, the key to career success and satisfaction. Unfortunately, for many, it hasn’t worked out that way. Add to this … Continue reading

Confessions of a Young, Prolific Academic

Read enough columns about the crisis in the humanities, the publish-or-perish dilemma, or the faculty job market, and you’re likely to think that we academic writers spend our days and nights imprisoned in dimly lit cubicles, praying for relief. But we’re not all miserable, and I think it’s time to give an alternate take on … Continue reading