College Is Still for Creating Citizens

The fierce debate about the future of higher education in America has clarified some issues even as it has polarized national thinking on the question. While most people agree that current models need rethinking, few have answered where we would be without a vibrant, multifaceted higher-education sector. Two points are critical to this discussion: stimulating … Continue reading

The Problem is Not The Students

Last week I posted what I considered to be an innocuous and mildly interesting post about a proposed formal definition of flipped learning. I figured it would generate a few retweets and start some conversations. Instead, it spawned one of the longest comment threads we’ve had around here in a while – probably the longest … Continue reading

Negotiators Tussle Over Proposed Rule to Compel State Scrutiny of Online Ed

Colleges pushed back on Wednesday against the U.S. Education Department’s efforts to expand state oversight of online education, calling the agency’s proposed “state authorization” rule a “bureaucratic nightmare.” Speaking here at a negotiated rule-making session, campus officials argued that the draft rule, which would require colleges to seek approval to operate in every state where … Continue reading

Survey: Nearly One-quarter Recall Negative Social Climate Experience in UC System

Almost one-quarter of University of California system students, staff and faculty members say they have personally encountered some exclusionary, intimidating, offensive or hostile conduct while on campus, and 9 percent indicated that such negative experiences had interfered with their abilities to study or work, a new university system survey says. Last week’s release of the … Continue reading

Scaling Up: Opening College Access to More Students

One of the significant problems facing college leaders and policy planners as they work to expand access for students is the range of higher education options open to Americans. American higher education is highly decentralized. The solutions that are practical and responsive to large public institutions often have limited relevance to independent colleges and universities. … Continue reading